Friday, May 21, 2010

What A Difference a Year Makes

I realized that as of today, it has been a year since we left Missouri.  On one hand, it seems that it could not possibly be a year because the memories that I have of our time there are much too vivid.  On the other hand, I think of everything that has happened since we left, and it seems much longer:
-  We had to move in with my parents while waiting to purchase our condo
- Eventually, we did get into our place
- I began a career at Make A Wish
- My Dad. Enough said
- We have met some new friends and are adjusting to the decidedly more intense atmosphere in Ann Arbor
- My job moved from Ann Arbor to Detroit  (kicking off an hour commute and a ridiculously hefty gas bill)
- Relationships have changed, formed and deteriorated or developed
- Most unbelievably:  7 babies have been born to our friends/ coworkers in Springfield since we left!
On and on and on....

  When we left Michigan 2 years ago it kicked off  a consequential period of growth for me.  It was my first time leaving my comfort zone, and I was... anxious.  Never had I imagined that the experience would be turn out to be so rewarding, and such a learning experience.  And never had I imagined that returning to Michigan, my so called "comfort zone" would cause me to develop and change further.

I feel that I left Missouri with not only friendships, but having learned truths about myself and life lessons.  With both moves, I have learned:

- That non-profit work suits me, but more importantly, I value being appreciated as a person as much as an employee in the workplace.
- That I don't have to apologize for my interests or beliefs (because someone out there shares them or at least finds them amusing.)
- That being too PC can be negative, unproductive and stand in the way of breaking down barriers
- That I value relationships that are first and foremost, genuine.  It is okay to let go when they are not.
- That I am an INFJ and should embrace it.
- That I should not compare myself to those around me, but learn from them.
- That creativity always matters

 I miss Missouri terribly and I cannot wait to visit.  Perhaps I will pick up a few more lessons while I am there.  I know that I still have much to learn...


  1. Missouri misses you! I can't believe it's been a year since you and Mick left! Please, please make plans to come here in December for the wine tasting party. It's #10 and we need YOU to celebrate!

  2. Actually, we are planning to visit sooner than that! We are looking at August because my friend Carla will be getting married! :)