Saturday, October 17, 2009

Will it ever end?

Yesterday Mick and I went out to dinner with his folks and came home to find my Mother encouraging my Dad to go to the Emergency Room. He was having a hard time breathing and while he thought that it could be related to allergies, it was quite apparent that it was not. Given the fact that he has been in the ICU 3 times with lung complications (etc.), we naturally assumed that this was a lung related issue as well. Imagine our surprise when the doctor told us that my Dad had a heart attack.

He is currently in the hospital awaiting a course of action. The doctor has already ruled out the possibility of heart surgery because given the health issues that my Dad already has, it would be too risky. (Imagine not being healthy enough for a life saving surgery!) They are trying to determine if it would even be too risky to do a heart catherization (that would find out the extent of any blockage.) A catherization is not very risky for the average patient, but unfortunately my Dad is not your average patient. By the way, my Dads cholesterol and blood pressure are absolutely perfect, so whatever has caused this is out of the ordinary. (True to form.)

Given that my Dad has a team of specialists at the hospital, my parents made the very wise decision to request that they all consult with eachother before making any firm decisions. That means that we will wait until Monday before knowing much of anything.

I have to do wish tomorrow morning in Kalamazoo, 2 1/2 hours away. (I have to go because it is a shopping spree and unfortunately I have the gift cards to make it happen here in Detroit.) I hope that tomorrow goes quickly because I think that we could all use some answers.

P.S. Prayers please!