Monday, February 8, 2010

Lent Me A Hand

I do not believe in New Years Resolutions.  Rather, I do not believe in them for me because I find that I rarely stick to them for more than a week.  Besides, as a practicing Catholic I have a much more effective tool when it comes to self-improvement:  Lent.

For some reason (and I am guessing that it is because the fear of God is added into the mix) I do much better at Lenten sacrifices. In the past, I have done things such as giving up meat (pre-vegetarian days) and sweets. I also have done things that would make a positive impact in my life such as adding a weekly mass in addition to Sunday.   I even took on my most challenging, yet rewarding conquest:  Resolving to say nothing but positive things about others....for 40 matter how much they might annoy me.  The reason that I chose this is because I think that every so often I find myself indulging in conversation that is non-productive and contributes to a negative environment.  I don't think of myself as a gossip by any means, but I think that we are all a little guilty of venting from time to time. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt:  "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. "  It was a challenge that I feel made me a better person.  It was also a challenge that stretched my vocabulary as I found that I was apt to use a little creative wording from time to time. (Hey, I'm only human.)

So here I am wondering what to do/ give up for Lent this year.  I am open to repeats. Any suggestionss???

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Before getting to the topic of this post, I would like to thank Erin Nelson for helping me with it.  Erin is someone that I have had the pleasure of meeting since moving to Ann Arbor.  Our guys are in the same program at U of M and we have all had the chance to hang out together on a couple of occasions.  Last Friday, we met up with them at the Jolly Pumpkin and I found out that we both have blogs (and knit!).  I mentioned a small problem that I was having and she solved it in about 2 seconds flat!

You see, my friend Ashley had an inventive notion.  After reading my entry about Hostess Donettes, she crafted the idea of issuing each other random topics as a way to keep up on our blogs and to stimulate a little creative thinking.  The idea is that we will do this twice a month and that we are required to post within 3 days of receiving our topic.  I am now posting approximately 1 and a half weeks after so I automatically get an "F" Given the topic that I was assigned, perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that I get a Zzzzz
My word is:  NAP

Quite honestly, I have been stuck.  It is strange to think that I could have an absolute writers block when the topic is about something that I love and adore so very much, but outside of stating my desire for a good nap, I had: nada.  When I mentioned this to Erin she quickly replied that I should think outside the box and perhaps I could even write about the places that I would like to nap.  Erin, you are brilliant!  Here it goes...

1.  A Beach
Okay, this is where everyone wants to nap, is it not?  I am not a beach person by any means.  I am a sunscreen addict that would never go anywhere near a bathing suit, but the idea of laying in a hammock while the waves crash nearby is just too dreamy. 
I have an alarm clock that has a series of relaxing sounds designed to provide a source of white noise.  Even though there are 6 different options, the only one that Mick and I can agree on is the ocean feature.  I don't like the options that sound like inclement weather and he doesn't like the "Outdoor" option because there are grasshoppers in the background. ("Bugs of Death," he calls them) and he doesn't like the Rainforest feature either ("Birds of Death").  In any case, I sleep on an imaginary beach every night.  I would just like to do it in the sun for once. 

2. Mexican Pavilion  in EPCOT 
If you have been to Disney World and gone on the "El Rio Del Tiempo" boat experience, you know that this is one trippy ride.  I don't really know why I have always been a little obsessed with this outdated and rather non-sensical attraction.  You board your boat under a starry sky near a volcano gently float under Mayan ruins where... well... just watch the video:
Yes, I know that it makes no sense but something makes me want to grab a pillow and a blanket. 
Honorable mention:  The Jungle Cruise at night or on the couch in the lobby of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

3.  A Park 
Simple, I know, but I would be too self conscious to lay out in a public place.  I think that I will jazz it up by saying a National Park.

4.  Under the Eiffel Tower
It was beautiful when I went there, but under the advice of the guy that worked at the crepe stand near the tower, I would not bring my wallet with me when doing this. 

5. Dalkey, Ireland   
This is a suburb of Dublin that we went to in 2006.  It was, in a word: Enchanting. I would like to sleep in a garden of an estate on the Irish Sea. We later found out that Bono lives there.  Needless to say, I would like to sleep in the garden of Bono's estate on the Irish Sea.

6. Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake
A few years ago, we went to a wonderful town about 10 miles down the road from Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  It is called "Niagara on the Lake"   The town boasts historic B& B's world class theaters and wineries galore.  It is just a beautiful environment. 
I would also like to nap at Niagara Falls, but preferably not on the side with all of the wax museums.  

7. My couch or my bed
After everything that we went through in order to get into our home, I don't know that there are many places that I would rather sleep! 

So there you have it, Miss Ashley.  I am sorry for the delay and next time, I will stick to the 3 day rule.  Thanks again for helping me out Erin, and for everyone else... where would YOU like to nap?