Monday, February 8, 2010

Lent Me A Hand

I do not believe in New Years Resolutions.  Rather, I do not believe in them for me because I find that I rarely stick to them for more than a week.  Besides, as a practicing Catholic I have a much more effective tool when it comes to self-improvement:  Lent.

For some reason (and I am guessing that it is because the fear of God is added into the mix) I do much better at Lenten sacrifices. In the past, I have done things such as giving up meat (pre-vegetarian days) and sweets. I also have done things that would make a positive impact in my life such as adding a weekly mass in addition to Sunday.   I even took on my most challenging, yet rewarding conquest:  Resolving to say nothing but positive things about others....for 40 matter how much they might annoy me.  The reason that I chose this is because I think that every so often I find myself indulging in conversation that is non-productive and contributes to a negative environment.  I don't think of myself as a gossip by any means, but I think that we are all a little guilty of venting from time to time. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt:  "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. "  It was a challenge that I feel made me a better person.  It was also a challenge that stretched my vocabulary as I found that I was apt to use a little creative wording from time to time. (Hey, I'm only human.)

So here I am wondering what to do/ give up for Lent this year.  I am open to repeats. Any suggestionss???


  1. From Facebook:
    Susan Yasi
    Let's see. How about giving up Television? It's such a time-stealer. . . I'm not Catholic (anymore) but I'm trying to stop my personal negative-talk downward spiral. Crabby is catchy, so it needs to stop at (my) source. It's harder to completely eradicate than one would think.
    9 hours ago ·

    Kevin Walsh: How about a word? Maybe "never" "can't" or "no".

  2. I can't wait for (paczki?) "poonchkie" day. All this talk of sacrifice is making me hungry for the king of doughnuts...

  3. That last one was me, didn't mean to be anonymous about it... -Mick