Monday, January 11, 2010


My friend Ashley just updated her blog after a long period of neglect which got me thinking about how I should be a little better about it myself. So this evening, while Mick and I were mindlessly watching television, I pointed this fact out, but admitted that I didn't really have then energy or a topic. As luck would have it, a Kroger commercial (that's a Dillon's for you Springfieldians) happened to air at that very moment. The special of the week? Hostess Donettes. Mick absentmindedly muttered "you should blog about doughnuts" We had a brief laugh and then he uttered: "No. Not really. Not enough meat. Besides, you couldn't possibly create a blog post about doughnuts." Oh really, buddy??? I accept your challenge!!! Here we go:

I love doughnuts more than most things in life. They are tasty, sweet, occassionally crispy and fat laden, which for me is an absolute bonus. I somewhat secretly loathed the bagel craze of the mid nineties and rejoiced in the Dunkin Donut rise that occurred about 5 years ago. Sure, it was the coffee that made it happen, but the increased doughnut availability was an added bonus to be sure. And really bagels... flavored cream cheese? It is adequate for breakfast...but crave-worthy? Are you kidding me?

This brings me to a story that occurred just this past Easter. Usually for Easter I try to do something of a positive nature. I very rarely give anything up. Last year, I made an exception, and gave up desserts. I, as deemed acceptable by the Catholic Church, did allow myself limited sweets on Sundays. If you know me at all, you know that this is a very difficult thing for me to do. As I write, there are the now remnants of what was a half of a cake this morning sitting on my kitchen counter.

So yes, I did it! It was Easter morning. I had just completed my 40 day journey and I was craving one thing...D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T-S!!! Mick was going out that morning. (I can't remember what for) and knew of my strong cravings. He very sweetly offered to bring some back for me. Oh joy! What luck! What a swell guy!

The entire time he was gone, I dreamed of the treat that I was about to experience. I just knew that it would be a cake variety, so fresh that the grease would practically squirt with the first crispy bite. Mick arrived in a shockingly short period of time with a plastic grocery style bag in hand. Hmm... not the bakery box that I had expected, but clearly there was some type of box in that bag. Perhaps the bakery had just bagged it for him.

"I have something for you!" Mick cooed. I was practically salivating as Mick opened the bag and pulled out....

Ummmmm....yeah.... Hostess donettes.... from the gas station

Now before I come across as an ungrateful wife, (or worse,) I do want to stop and tell you what a wonderful husband Mick is. Truly, there was no act more selfless than to throw my silly little craving into the morning that he had planned. It was beyond sweet and he had no idea that I had such a certain image in my head. Thank you honey for being so thoughtful!

I realize that this is my "sickness" and I can't expect others to understand or adjust to my silly whims.

Here is the issue that I have with these miniature "doughnuts."
1. They are not the correct consistency
2. They do not go stale...indicating that they are just circular, sweet, chemical compounds (This point of contention may be extended to all Entemans products as well.)
3. The coating is disgusting no matter which one you choose. Really, your options are: powdered sugar mustache, or chocolate tinged paraffin
4. If I am going to waste the calories, I want them to be quality. These little greasy puckets are calorie bombs with little to no return on flavor.
5. People think that they are doughnuts

So there you have it. A full blog entry on doughnuts/ donettes. Oh no. I just realized that this is my 2nd entry on doughnuts. I think that the real problem here just might be me.

On a completely unrelated note, the tax season is upon us and I am sure that many of you are looking for a reputable place to have yours done. This commercial is airing in Detroit, and the place looks like a winner to me!


  1. I have to disagree about the Donettes, but only the powdered sugar ones. I love them! Especially when they are fresh. However nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a fresh St. George's donut. They are exactly as you describe: crispy, hot, so fresh they fall apart when you try to eat them. I don't know if you ever had one, but they are heaven. Unfortunately, we have a St. George's close to the house. Fortunately, I've only indulged once since we've lived here. Mmmmm, donuts (cue Homer Simpson voice here).

  2. I could have sworn you gave up sweets twice! I loved the post and so did Nick. I didn't even know he read your blog until he asked me if I watched the video at the end. I mean, is that for real? Miss you, nutella!

  3. I am so very sorry to tell you all that yes, the commercial is real and airing in Detroit (although I think that I posted the one with the Mississippi information or something. Believe it or not, they are a multi-state franchise!) I am so geeked that Nick reads my blog! Perhaps I should give him a shoutout!

    Yes Tammy! I have had the doughnuts from St. George's and YES, they ARE amazing! :)